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Fisherman's Nest B&B is an elegant Villa (homestay) , built on a half acre lush green land about one kilometer from the sea shore, bringing you the warmth of home and pleasure of the beach. The house is located at Cherai, a coastal fishing village in Vypin Island, Kerala. There are several historical churches and temples in Vypeen, as well as the famous Cherai beach. The area profits from being central to both Fort Cochin and Ernakulam, whilst retaining a secluded sense of calm.

The house comprises of a common hall, dining room, two bed rooms with attached bathrooms, balcony, 2 tabled terrace cum dining, fully equipped modern kitchen, and accommodation for working staff. We provide air conditioned accommodation along with the breakfast to our guests. We have also done our best to promote Sustainable ecotourism.

Kerala Sea Food Delicacies...

The main attraction about our place is the authentic traditional kerala sea food delicacies, which will be served on prior request. The food served to our guests is prepared by local housewives, who are expert traditional cooks, thus promoting ecotourism. Karimeen Pollichathu or Pearl spot fish fry is one of the authentic dishes of Kerala. It is a sort of grilled fish in spicy and tangy gravy. This seems to be the most famous dish among the tourists who visits Kerala especially if you go to coastal regions of kerala.

History and Local Attractions

Vypin Island and surrounding area have a lot of history attached to it. Muziris (Now the place is called Pattanam near Kodungallur) is reputed to be the ancient world’s greatest trading centre in the East. As the focal point of commerce for over 2500 years, this bustling seaport traded in everything from spices to precious stones with the Greeks, Romans and the rest of the world. It was also the doorway to India for varied cultures and races: Buddhists, Arabs, Chinese, Jews, Romans, Portuguese, Dutch and even the British.